50 million sold globally.
Unchanged since 1962.
And now cordless!

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The Original.

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The MOSER 1400 has become a global success story among hair clippers due to its striking design, extraordinary performance and precision "Made in Germany". More than 50 million units have been sold in more than 100 countries since 1962!

Sustainability and renowned Black Forest precision "Made in Germany" have resulted in a lot of people trusting the MOSER 1400, which almost looks the same today as it did 30 years ago. On the inside, however, its technology always reflects the current state of the art. A significant investment in new production technologies ensures a high degree of product and process expertise.

Unfortunately, due to its success, our classic model is often copied. Always check that the machine you purchase is authentic and comes in the original packaging. Only buy from a dealer you trust! You can find MOSER dealers near you in our dealer directory.


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The striking design of the MOSER 1400 underscores the robustness of the appliance. The classic, characteristic look has remained unchanged since 1962.

Made in Germany.

The MOSER 1400 and 1400 Mini are "Made in Germany" and manufactured with "Black Forest precision" at our production facility in St. Georgen.



Precision Blade Set

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The blade set is the heart of each MOSER 1400 hair clipper and it is ultimately what provides perfect cutting performance.

Since the start of production in 1962, our blade sets were ground manually – a process that requires a lot of experience and precise visual judgement.
Computer-controlled machines have taken over that function nowadays. The result is even more precise and sustainable and it guarantees consistently high quality.

The elaborately ground, stainless steel full metal blade sets made from hardened steel receive their unsurpassed cutting performance from the most innovative production technologies. They go through many different production processes, are chrome-plated, refined with superfinish and undergo a 100% final inspection.

Tested quality and precision guarantee excellent cutting performance.

The Product

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The MOSER 1400 and Moser 1400 Mini are available in many different colour schemes and with various accessories. For additional product details, simply click on the respective device.


As of now all high gloss 1400 will have an additional classy logo embossment on the top of the housing.


Discover the versatile uses of the 1400 and 1400 Mini.

Product Maintenance

Ensure a long operating life by remembering to regularly clean and oil the blade set regularly.

Oiling and maintaining the blade sets reduces friction, heat generation and wear and also protects it from environmental conditions. Neglecting maintenance puts a greater strain on the device, causes drive and transmission wear and also reduces battery operating time and cutting performance.

Ideally, the blade set should be cleaned and oiled with a brush after each haircut.
  • Open blade set with a screwdriver. Clean the top and bottom blades with a brush and oil the blade surfaces. Following oiling, screw the top and bottom blades onto the appliance again.
  • Then switch on the machine for approx. 10 seconds to allow the oil to evenly spread across the blade surface.
  • Our maintenance video will show you how it is done.


Please use this tutorial to assemble the guide piece.


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At the end of 1946, engineer Kuno Moser entered Kuno Moser GmbH, which was founded in 1938 as Wolfgang Blessing KG, into the commercial register of Villingen.

In that post-war winter, he repaired the production barracks in St. Georgen. He was soon able to once again produce turned parts and then micrometers, vaporizers, lighters and other much needed small parts. The number of employees grew and, when focusing on electric razors and hair clippers, Moser soon found a recipe for success. The company moved into the new building on Roggenbachweg in 1957. Here, the first hair clippers were built in 1959. The first model was called "Famos", which is German for "excellent" and an abbreviation of "Firma Moser" (Moser Company). The production of the MOSER 1400 began in 1962.history.jpgIn the mid-1960s, Moser employed 150 people. The company founder retired in this era of expansion. The Ebner family from St. Georgen took over the company in 1966. During the boom years of the 1970s, the production facilities were expanded as much as possible. The new factory at the edge of the city was built in 1981. In 1985, Moser had 280 employees and the production barracks of the founding period were torn down.

The decade since the end of the 1980s saw Moser expand beyond the Black Forest.The result of the internationalisation strategy was the merger with the American Wahl Clipper Cooperation, the globally leading manufacturer of hair clippers , in 1996. Since 2002, the company has operated as Wahl GmbH.


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50 million units sold worldwide: MOSER 1400 hair clippers are used in more than 100 countries.

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